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Hope for the Morning Grind

Mar 05
Hope for the Morning Grind

It goes without saying that in the Wolf household our mornings are not exactly one elongated, picture-perfect devotional of thanks to the Lord for a new day.  Try as we might, we just really aren’t morning people, and apparently, James … Continue reading

The Sweet & The Salty

Dec 27
The Sweet & The Salty

This posting is a bit of a follow-up to the Fasting & Feasting post from a few weeks ago.  The idea is that life is not and should not be one note.  You feast too much, you die.  You fast too much, you … Continue reading

Mixing It Up — A Christmas Playlist

Dec 23
Mixing It Up — A Christmas Playlist

I’ve always been fond of homemade music mixes as I find them a kind of time capsule (a past Christmas mix, here).  Music can transport you back to a past season of life like few other things can. As you … Continue reading

The Marriage Box

Jun 28
The Marriage Box

One of the most beautiful things about the event of a wedding, and this wedding time of year in general, is that it reminds those of us who are married of our own weddings.  One of the most indelible images … Continue reading


Jun 01

The smoky smell of an outdoor barbecue is truly the personification of summer.  Katherine and James gave me a little charcoal grill for Father’s Day last year, and though I haven’t used it a ton, I recently vowed to enjoy … Continue reading

Smelling the Gardenias

May 31

  The narrow strip of gravel and fence affectionately known as our backyard has provided endless opportunities for me to make my brown thumb even browner.  We love flowers, but clearly, we don’t really love the responsibility that comes with … Continue reading

Weekend Tradition

May 25

After reading about my crummy Monday, you can imagine it was kind of a “Monday-ish” week for me.  As much as I am an optimist, I also am pretty sensitive.  Also, something about writing/publishing/internalizing the words on James’ Mother’s Day card, … Continue reading

Finding the Light

May 16

Isn’t it interesting how we all assume that there is some invisible quota for annoyances, pain, and suffering?  We seem to be in a bit of a season of “when it rains it pours” (see “One of Those Days“).  I … Continue reading

Au Naturel

Apr 19

After several comments/questions about the Easter eggs featured at the end of the “Easter Brunch” posting below, we thought we would share our secret.  As they say, “necessity is the mother of invention”, and in this case, we were running … Continue reading

Easter Brunch

Apr 18

Last Sunday was truly a fabulous Easter.  After the beautiful service, complete with Jay and me on the big screen, we invited our family and a few friends over for brunch.  We were fresh off of our Italy trip, definitely … Continue reading

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