A Baby Girl “Sprinkle”

Aug 06

Last summer, I was able to celebrate an incredibly special event for a dear friend in my life, which also turned out to be a big milestone for me in my recovery.  My dear friend, Anna Stover, along with her wonderful hubby, Andy–Jay’s buddy/mentor/fellow indie music lover–selflessly took James into their home for the first 7 weeks after my stroke, even though she was about 6 months pregnant with her first baby at that time.  We were already extremely close before I got sick but having a friend stand in for you when you can’t be a mother to your own child takes a relationship to an entirely new level.

So, when I found out Anna was pregnant with her second baby (which in its own right was pretty miraculous too–they are also in the process of adopting a child from China), I felt a deep need to do anything I could to try and communicate a small thank you to her by celebrating this huge event.  Partnering with a group of our wonderful friends, as well as my trusty assistant Jay, we chose to host the event (a “sprinkle”–a smaller version of a baby shower without invitations and only optional gifts, since this was her 2nd baby) at our new house, to christen it with this garden brunch (of course!)

Pre-AVM, I have always been a major party planner and organizer, and in certain ways, things have not changed, though the logistics are a bit trickier to figure out at times (case in point, trying to carry food from the kitchen to the backyard was not really possible).  Nonetheless, it turned out to be a beautiful celebration of my friend and baby Taylor Grace, and it encouraged me that I might just be able to get back to the party planning mode again (we’ve already thrown quite a few parties since this one, but this was unique because it was really the first big celebration hosted in our home.)

A few notes about the below pictures: we chose green hydrangeas for the centerpieces because we wanted a flower that was not too girly, but rather quite modern and very chic (just like Anna!)   The place cards were small succulents that each lady took home after the party.  We made various types of frittatas, our favorite balsamic-brushed bacon, and pumpkin pie spiced oatmeal with fun toppings like toasted almonds and chocolate chips for the menu.  Anna loves the doughnut holes from Huckleberry, so we served them on our table on a pink cake plate for a feminine touch.  Anna opened the hostess gift, an adorable “Blahblah” doll–my favorite, little funny baby dolly, available at Lundeen’s.  Also, as you can see, James stood on his little tip toes and grabbed some doughnut holes when no one was looking!



 {* The “sprinkle” pics above were taken by two of my talented and fabulous co-hosts, Hillary Smiley–check out her blog, “Capturing Motherhood“–and Kim Pellegrino–check out her and her husband’s photography site, “Daniel Pellegrino Photography“.}

P.S.  I got this email today and decided I would respond publicly to it so I have (once and for all) given credit where credit is due:


Hey Katherine,
I love your new website! You are looking amazing. I just cannot believe how big James is! He is gorgeous. I just have to ask who takes all your pictures? They are truly striking. Your home, your china, your food, your beach, your clothes. It’s like something out of a magazine.:) Your life is marked by beauty inside and out.


Makes me think of the old Baptist hymn:

“In His time, In His time. He makes all things beautiful in His time…”


So do you consult in fashion and interior design cause I could use some help? Ha!

Many Blessings,


Kasie, I wish I could help, but there is only one designer in this house!  His name starts with a J and ends in a Y.  He takes all the pictures you see (which is why he is so rarely in them!)  He chooses all my clothes and designed our home in full.  When I had the stroke, he basically had no choice but to do everything I used to do–and it stuck.  Growing up with all sisters had its perks for him!  He’s just better than me at these things, and I’m OK with that.  He has incredible taste, and I benefit from it!  He cooks mouth-watering food, dresses me in gorgeous clothes (always on SALE, by the way), and has made my home look like “House Beautiful”.  I just get to take the credit because people assume it’s me!  I will say that the wedding china was MY pick (as featured in this brunch post) because of my infatuation with all things blue and white.  The pattern is “Oiseau Bleu” by Gien.   I have decent taste and Jay does get my (spirited) approval/opinion, but he is certainly the mastermind!  


I love you, Jay Wolf!  You are so talented!

What a cutie!!!!!

 And he cooks, too,

but he’s NOT available …

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