A Feast for a Roman Holiday

May 18

The Wolfs have been known to throw a party or two, and admittedly, we love a good theme.  Every year, we throw an “Endless Reasons to Party” party, celebrating our birthdays (which are 3 weeks apart), as well as “Katherine Lived Day”, as well as pretty much anything else worth celebrating when that time of year comes around.


This year, we themed the 30th birthday celebration as our “Roman Holiday”.  Despite the theme, we opted against togas and focused all of our creative efforts on the food.  Fresh off actually eating our way through Rome and out of most normal-sized pants (here), we had to figure out a justifiable way to cook up and eat lots more of those Italian delicacies without looking gluttonous.  I think our plan worked.  Salute!


{check out our favorite recipes below!}


{the party revelers and the trader joe’s blooms were out in full force}


{rosemary cashews, olives, & cheeses: pareggiano romano, pecorino romano, and even cheese

with umbrian truffles — thanks costco!}


{classic anti-pasti: melon & prosciutto–that sea of cured meat–and caprese salad with balsamic reduction,

buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil, & heirloom tomatoes}


{a glimpse of the feeding frenzy; balsamic-glazed flank steak}


{creamy rosemary polenta with truffle oil & lemon thyme chicken; roasted cauliflower with

capers and olives; another satisfied customer eats us out of house and home}



{tiramisu cake–an Italian friend was shocked that this was from Costco–& amaretti cookies;

lemon tarts with rosemary crust and fresh whipped cream made by the wonderful Brook Hensley}


If you might want to enjoy some of these tasty dishes this weekend, here are a few links to our favorite recipes…

* Rosemary Roasted Cashews


* Lemon & Thyme Chicken


* Roasted Cauliflower with Capers & Olives


* Creamy Rosemary Polenta (the hit of the night!)


* Baby Leaf Salad with Bacon & Avocado


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