An Easter Photo Essay

Apr 03

Despite the fact that we were all a little under the weather, our Easter weekend was a sweet time of family and fun.  Though most importantly, this year was intended to be a restful yet focused experience of Christ’s death and resurrection, and it was.  It felt more “quietly worshipful and noisily grateful” (Luke 7:16) than this particular weekend has felt in a long time.  What a blessing.

Hoping your Easter was similarly full, and even more, hoping the days after (even the year after) will reflect the same.


IMG_8904IMG_8910IMG_8915            IMG_8945IMG_8960  IMG_8978


IMG_8976IMG_8965IMG_8989IMG_8990IMG_8994IMG_8996IMG_8991IMG_8993 IMG_9008IMG_9031 IMG_9020  IMG_9015IMG_9014IMG_9003IMG_9025IMG_8939

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