An Impromptu Getaway

Jul 27

Recently, the three amigos were in town by ourselves.  Quite spontaneously, for us at least, we decided to drive up to Santa Barbara (which is about an hour and half north of us and is unbelievably beautiful) to meet a friend who was staying up there.  He was staying at an absolutely fabulous hotel, so we jumped right in and enjoyed all the wonderful amenities for the afternoon, including the unbelievable brunch (of course!) and relaxing pool.

We planned to drive back after a few hours there, but again, quite spontaneously for us, we decided to spend the night in Santa Barbara (we found a cheap hotel across town).  The three of us piled into the bed and watched movies and ate popcorn until we fell asleep.

The next morning we got up early and rolled down to the spectacular Santa Barbara pier.  The mountains literally melt down into the sea–it looks like somewhere on the coast of Italy–so beautiful!  The chance to enjoy an impromptu little trip with just the three of us was a great boost, knowing that our little family of three can still have the fun and the spontaneity in us to enjoy whatever life might bring our way.

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