Breaking Bread (or rather Eggs Benedict)

Sep 21

In our opinion, there are few more lovely ways to spend a restful weekend than by breaking bread with friends and family, particularly over brunch (which in our book is the most delicious, cost-effective, and timely of all meals).

Here is a brunch we enjoyed not too long ago with some dear friends.  Maybe it will inspire you to invite someone over for hot coffee and some good company this weekend.

On a side note, the mugs and carafes, even the candlesticks and centerpiece bowl are all from our local Goodwill thrift store.  We love to find great discarded (and cheap!) items that you could not even find in a regular store today.  It adds a layer of interest and a comfort to our home and our table.  Plus, nothing is too precious, so you can use the good stuff all the time, and you won’t act psychotic to your poor guests (or spouse/child for that matter) if something gets broken in the process!

Have you ever cooked with polenta?  For those unfamiliar, they are basically like thick and creamy grits, but at Trader Joe’s, they come pre-cooked in a tube, almost like cookie dough.  This makes them perfect to slice and nicely sautee.  Throw some Canadian bacon and a “poached” egg (poaching is kind of hard, so we just baked these in ramekins) on top, and you’ve got simple eggs benedict!  Some roasted asparagus and rosemary potatoes finished it out nicely.

It doesn’t have to be fancy (though don’t be afraid to elevate/celebrate the otherwise-ordinary when the mood strikes you); the real focus should be on the communal aspect of food and the hospitable opening of one’s home to another.  If those are there, it doesn’t matter if you serve burnt toast (though your guests may opt to invite you over to their house instead next time).  Happy brunching!

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