Decisions, Decisions…

Aug 25

Life is full of so many.  I’ve had to make quite a few hard ones in the past few years, as have you, I’m sure.  This post is about one of those big decisions in life, and it happens to be something very near to my heart.

My dear friend, Amy (who was actually in my Bible Study this past year), had a sweet (literally) bridal shower over here hosted by a group of wonderful girlfriends.  I love being able to share things (besides just medical updates) with all of you.  This was such a fun and decadent event…

Amy was so cute to want to bring her friends into the wedding decision-making process.  She wanted to have the favorite flavors of the people who would be attending the wedding–how thoughtful!  Instead of a cake, she wanted to have cupcakes and there were just too many flavors to choose from at the bakery she had selected.  So, we made her wedding shower a cupcake tasting where people would sample the top 6 flavors and then vote on their top 3 favorites.

Now, eat 6 cupcakes?  No way, but these were mini-cupcakes and we had knives out so people could even cut those in half.  They did just that and forced themselves to eat a bite or two of each one.

From Amy: The tasting was great because I would have picked all the wrong flavors for the wedding.

My favorite flavor won (vanilla – from Vanilla Bakeshop, can’t go wrong there), but coconut was a surprise winner.

Had it not been for the tasting, I would have never known what cupcakes to choose for the wedding.

In the end, the top three were: Vanilla Bean, Toasted Dark Chocolate Coconut, and Southern Red Velvet.  She had them all at her wedding and they were delicious and so special because many of her female guests had taken part in selecting them!

A few notes about the pics: The voting took place by having the ladies put beads into Mint Julip cups (they were given 3 beads).  We had various nuts, olives, and cheeses for a salty/savory bite after so much sweet.  We also had coffee (of course)!

I’m not sure why I love cupcakes so much.  Although these weren’t Sprinkles (my very fave), they were delicious and Vanilla Bakeshop has some unique and delicious flavors like the Blackberry Passion Fruit (should’ve been a winner in my opinion).

 I would love to say that I craved a brussel sprout or a wheatgrass smoothie for the 11 months that I did not eat.  The truth is, I craved sweets and coffee every single day.  It was torture.  I had dreams of brownies, doughnuts, cupcakes and a strong cup of Joe.  Now, my dream is a reality.  Not only do I get to eat and drink those treats and more, I get to host parties and do it with friends!

*     *     *

*If you have not listened to the “Restless” song I posted on the last posting, go back and listen to it.  I got so many emails telling me that that song changed people’s week.  I am definitely on a “Rest in Him” kick.  I have another song for you – “Rest in You” by Jaci Velasquez (an oldie, but a goodie!).  I purposefully chose a YouTube version here where you see the lyrics.  I want you to see those powerful words.

*   *    *

*Jay is going to start writing some of the “Heal in Your Home” postings that I put up here.  Look for his wisdom-filled insights in the near future…

*    *    *

*I have a big reconstructive/plastic surgery appointment tomorrow as we are just under a year from when I had the phase 2 of the Cross Facial Nerve transfer surgery.  Please join me in praying that everything is working well!

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