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Dec 12

Though Christmas is just around the corner, it’s hard not to bask in the simple warmth of a beautiful Thanksgiving spent with my [Jay] Mom’s family in Mississippi.  As the years fly by and life moves on, every memory made with our loving families is relished all the more deeply.  Sharing moments with four generations is a privilege that we will be forever grateful for.  A few highlights from our Thanksgiving, just because…

We started off in my hometown, Montgomery, AL.  We even took a trip to the zoo with James and our precious little niece, Glory.  Needless to say, it was kinda wild!

On to a cozy celebration of Thanksgiving with my maternal grandparents in Mississippi.  This multiple day, “eat–relax–visit–repeat” situation is such a throwback to simpler times and such a sweet opportunity to be together as a family.

* There was also a little of this and some of this (I can’t help but laugh every time I see it).

* My very talented sister, Alex, threw together a touching little video clip of this time, watch it here.

You’ve probably noticed that the Wolfs are fans of a good celebration, and this Thanksgiving was no exception.   When your life and the ability to live it normally hang in the balance, it tends to inspire feasting and celebrating.

This is certainly a picture of our hope–the ultimate feast that is being set up for us.  Unfortunately, we tend to want to jump the gun on that one.  The whole fallen world thing makes the perfect ideal of a feast something that cannot be done perpetually during life, lest we want our bodies to expand in a similar, perpetual fashion.  The idea of fasting couples with the feasting so nicely.  Just like joy and sorrow mingling, it’s hard to fully appreciate the feast if you have never experienced the fast.

For those feeling a little weighed down by the feasts of Thanksgiving and daunted by the onslaught of Christmas feasting, here is a little practical encouragement.  We do a lot of roasted veggies around the winter time, and this recipe for roasted cabbage nicely complimented the roasted butternut squash and brussel sprouts we were already eating.  For those of you thinking, “Wow, the Wolfs have really been in California too long–eating rabbit food and daring to call it dinner”; please take heart, the Wolfs like a feast, and we like good food, first and foremost.  Try this one out.  I promise, you’ll like it….Roasted Cabbage with Warm Walnut Rosemary Dressing.

Don’t throw out the leftovers–use them for breakfast.  Just fry some eggs and put them on top of your roasted roughage.  After all, “fasting” isn’t just for lunch and dinner, folks.

Remember, for now, fasting only enhances the feasting.  And the best part, down the road, there will only be feasting.

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