Happy Birthday Katherine — “The Jesus Year” in Review

Mar 08

{* This is a surprise birthday posting for Katherine!}

Today, March 8th, Katherine turns 31.  Happy Birthday to my spectacular wife.  In many ways, the struggles of life have not gotten any easier, but amazingly, life together grows more lovely as we continue to experience love through those struggles.  Each year is more unexpected than the last, and each one with you is the most precious gift.

Recently, a friend referenced turning “the Jesus year” (aka 30 years old, the year Jesus started his ministry), and I was struck at the thought of what had transpired during our own “Jesus year”.  Not to give too much weight (or too little weight) to a thing like a birthday number, but God, the ultimate artist, seems to have a thing for numbers, pictures, parables, stories, and symbols.  Just check out, well, pretty much any page of the Bible.  For us, this 30th year signified some significant transitions in our lives, relationships, and ministry.  It was hard not to draw a few meaningful parallels in my mind between our past year and Jesus’ 30th year.


{Just to be clear, we don’t have a God-complex and Jesus’ own “Jesus year” certainly trumps ours times infinity, but if we are seeking to be like Christ, it’s never a bad exercise to remember those times when we were kind of like him.}

As a little birthday gift to Katherine and myself (as my 31st birthday is in a few weeks, on April 1st, so our “Jesus years” were pretty much the same), here is a little “Jesus Year” in Review for the Wolfs…

 we started the year off sharing the good news (posting here — and funny enough, we’ll start off this one doing the same! — here)


we revisited places that had once been home to tell what God has done in our lives (postings here and here)



we spent some time away, resting and celebrating life, in order to return to our mission re-focused and refreshed (postings here/here/here and here)


we were thrilled to share our story of new life on a particularly special Sunday (posting here)


we were given “water” by a kind woman, and returned the favor  (posting here)



we attended a wedding where we were vividly reminded of the ultimate wedding (postings here and here)



we began a new “Season” of telling the story of God thru the story of our lives (postings here and here)



we wandered in the “wilderness” a few times but refused to be tempted into self-reliance and found a deeper trust in the Lord (postings here, here, and here)




we experienced real-life liberation of captives and were humbled and grateful for our own freedom in Christ (posting here)

IMG_8395 IMG_8385

we were given the opportunity to speak from totally new platforms, encouraging healing and hope for the body and soul (postings here and here)


Screen shot 2012-10-29 at 1.44.46 PM

we were deeply encouraged by new friends–saints who have gone before us, so to speak (postings, here and here)



we found new and deeper ways to minister to our own family (postings here and here)



we even witnessed a few miracles along the way (postings here and here)


AND we were inspired to continue stewarding our story, finding creative ways to be “missionaries of hope” (postings here and here)


Who knows what this next year will bring, but I do know that the story, the love, and the hope will continue.

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