“I Wanna go Back to the Beach!”

Aug 17

James has said that countless times since our week of fun in the South.  We agree.  We want to go back to the beach.  Now we do live by the beach, but California beaches are usually too cold for swimming.  Charleston, SC in July is plenty warm for swimming and playing wet out of the water, too!  (See below, James did just that…)


This beach trip was significant to me for multiple reasons.  Most basically, we had not traveled back to this South Carolina beach resort since the summer before my stroke.  I am not going to pretend that it was easy or the same for me.  It was tough and even things such as walking in sand were more difficult than many of my physical therapy sessions.  However, I WAS THERE.  WE WERE ALL THERE and we loved it (esp. my Jamesie boy)!

Thanks to Big B for making it happen!!!!!

*     *     *

P.S. I classified the last posting as “Heal in your Home”, even though I only showed pictures that were from out and about.  Well, we just don’t take pictures when we are at the house doing normal-life things.  I am doing them now, though!  Bathtime, naptime, and even change the pull-up time are all happening with mommy!  We just don’t have the pictures to prove it, but we will change that!  Hey, all those around-the-house, mundane moments are photo-worthy—and I would add that they are worth celebrating!

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