It’s a Wrap!

Feb 20

We wanted to update you on our short film shoot this past weekend.  Thank you for all the wonderful thoughts and prayers covering this time.  Long story short, it was both grueling and cathartic, stressful and transcendent.  Wow, we have a whole new respect for people who dedicate their lives to this particularly magical art form.  It really could not have gone better, and we packed two full days, from early morning til late at night, getting some interesting, gorgeous, painful, hopeful, and unexpected moments of life captured on film.

We are so thrilled to have that experience under our belt and so hopeful for the finished short film to come together now in post-production.  Up next is the tremendously challenging task of taking 15 hours of footage and shaving it down to around 10 minutes.  Glad that’s not our job!  Please pray for our friend/director of the project, D.J. Viola, as he next takes on the role of editor, shaping all that phenomenal footage into a cohesive story.

Suffice it to say, there were many amazing moments in the process of filming this weekend, many filmed and many behind the scenes.  God was so gracious to us in all the details, and as you may imagine, there were quite a few “God winks” in the process of getting a surprisingly professional production, including lots of crew and high-end equipment, all across Los Angeles.


This is a shot of the backyard dinner party scene we filmed Saturday night that was an actual dinner party in our backyard with some of our closest friends, many of whom played integral parts in our story since Katherine’s stroke.  It was a beautiful night for us all and a poignant picture for the short film of not waiting to celebrate the gift of new life.  This picture of a feast not only reflects the bigger picture of the feast Christ prepares for us but demonstrates that even in the midst of the pains of life, we are invited to give thanks for God’s daily provision, enjoying the journey with those we love, even if it takes a different form than we imagined.

Stay tuned for more information as this project moves forward, and look out for some big changes on on April 22 (“Katherine Lived Day”, 5th year anniversary).

Your support means the world to us!  Thank you so much!

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