On a Lighter Note

Jul 13

That picture and posting from last time were pretty tough to see and read, I know.  I think I have lost some sense of promoting “the lovely Katherine” for the world to see.  I like to be very real these days.  If it’s too much, I’m sorry.  In a world of detagging bad photos on Facebook and only posting the best pics of oneself on a website, I think all that just went on and died when I had the stroke.  I will admit the dirty pajama top, the greasy hair (I was not allowed to wash it until today and dry shampoo only goes so far), and most of all the make-up free face (gasp!) were extreme.  Oh yeah, that post-surgery right eye was a little yucky to see also.

Anyway, now for some happy photos (still no makeup, but a much better eye since these were from BEFORE my eye surgery), and some very cute other folks in these!  As you may know by now, going anywhere by ourselves is not easy.  Not only does me not driving make it tough, but it takes forever to get ready to go anywhere with one hand, walking issues, balance problems, etc.  A few weeks ago, we were “on our own” (no one here helping us get around, etc.), and we wanted to have a family beach day on Memorial weekend.  Well, we did… it was just in the backyard!  We had so much fun with a baby pool and a hammock acting as our beach umbrella!  James LOVED it and we did too!

A game of “peek-a-boo” under the hammock.

James really got excited to find Mommy under the hammock each time.

It was such a sweet family day.

We even fed James his favorite food (with a healthier, sweet potato option mixed in, which he wouldn’t touch, of course!)

James found a ladybug.

We ended the day with cozy naps under the hammock.


These days have taken on an entirely new meaning since they almost never happened.  But this little family can have a family beach day in the backyard.  We are all here together to celebrate everything.

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