Nov 27

You may remember that last year we went to Passion 2012, and we loved it so much!  We wrote about it here and told anyone/everyone who would listen that they needed to attend next year.  Being in the Georgia Dome with tens of thousands of other believers (45,000 to be exact) just does something to you.  You have got to go this year.  In fact, they are opening up the entire Georgia Dome in hopes of drawing closer to double the crowd.  To look around and see 90,000 other people worshipping the Lord together…Wow!  OK, I’m crying.  So powerful.  I can’t wait to be there again this year.


By the way, it goes without saying that since we are no longer college-aged (though we occasionally forget this fact), that Passion is really for everyone, so don’t let the fact that this is primarly geared toward students deter you from going.  Trust me, this event is so amazing, you’ve got people of all ages attending.

Now, Passion is simply incredible.  I love it so much; it is breath-taking.  It’s goal — to inspire a Generation to make famous what matters most — moves me in a way I cannot express.  They “get it”.

 The way they articulate that goal is nothing short of astounding.  Last year, under the theme of “FREEDOM”, they raised 3.5 million dollars for charities worldwide who fight human slavery/trafficking.  As you can tell by that number, they moved the hearts of the people sitting in that stadium.  It was powerful.  There is a need for Passion that no one can deny.  Beth Moore, Francis Chan, John Piper, etc. only sweeten the pot!

However, there is also a deep need for the absolute antithesis of that!  While a HUGE conference with lots of sessions and late nights is a blessing in many, many ways, a quiet, intimate weekend to rest and learn and worship could be just what the doctor ordered.  After your exhilarating Passion experience, consider doing the opposite with us!  A retreat weekend for the weary/hungry soul..Season’s Weekend Winter in Colorado Springs.  (not to mention a winter wonderland setting at the beautiful Broadmoor Hotel).

Do you know of Sara Groves?  I still can’t believe I get to call her my friend!  (You are amazing, Sara).  Autumn Seasons in Cincinnati was phenomenal, and I’m going to write about it soon.  Until then, I will tell you that Sara and the entire Season’s team put together something very unique.  Nicole Johnson is a genius.

Everyone on the team was a small part of adding to the beauty of His story.  Do you know that song?  You should — the desire of my heart is found in those powerful lyrics by Sara — I want to “add to the beauty to tell a better story”.

OK, I was torn here because I want you to see how adorable she is, but I also wanted you to read the lyrics.  The lyrics one won in the end.  Watch below and feel free to jump out of your seat and let out a rowsing “AMEN” (I did in my head — I would fall in real life.)  Enjoy…

Anyway, she is joining us in Colorado!  She will not be able to come to Season’s Spring (the musical guest will be revealed soon but will no doubt be fabulous), but please come to Colorado for what is nothing short of an entire “private concert weekend” from this soulful and Spirit-filled woman, not to mention loads of insight and wonderful times from the simply incredible Seasons Team.

DISCLAIMER: I realize it is hard times for us all financially.  I am extremely blessed to be able to take part in both these events at minimal costs for me (I will already be in GA for Christmas, for instance).  Yet, if there is any way you can invest in your knowledge and experience of God by attending these events, your investment will not be in vain and the dividends will be huge.  Could be a wonderful Christmas gift, also!

* “REAL-LIFE TODAY” SIDE NOTE: We are heading to UCLA today for my annual MRI.  Of course, it just so “happens” that Will Gray (see recent post here) will be undergoing his major surgery there today too.  We humbly ask for your prayers for he and his wife, Angie, today and as they move forward in hope through this incredibly difficult season.


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