Seasons Weekend–Autumn in Cincinnati!

Sep 12

We are thrilled to continue on this journey with Seasons Weekend!  After kind of a rough end to the Summer, we are particularly looking forward to the Fall, and even more so to spend a fabulous weekend in Cincinnati (October 12-14)!

(there are some phenomenal package deals now available!)

I can hardly contain my excitement at who we get to share the stage with…brilliant singer-songwriter Sara Groves!  For me and Jay, Sara has been one of our favorite Christian artists ever.  Her songs have truly been inspiring and comforting to us for years.  (BTW, it wouldn’t feel like Christmas at our house without her fabulous Christmas album).

Side note and a really cool “God wink” involving Sara Groves…I was asked to be the speaker at the final chapel service for our college, Samford University, our senior year.  Always being my (soon-to-be) husband’s biggest fan, as well as Sara Grove’s, I asked Jay to sing one of her songs to close out my talk.  He sang, “This Journey Is My Own”, which remains one of the most meaningful songs to us to this day.  Hope she plays that one at Seasons!

It may not be feasible for you to come to this intimate and soul-refreshing retreat weekend, but if there is any possible way for you to make it or even to pass this info on to someone you know in the Cincinnati area, you will not regret it!  We have heard nothing but fabulous feedback on the first event, and personally, Jay returned home after the weekend so excited and recharged and so at peace, it was amazing.  Needless to say, he needed it, but I imagine we all do.  (Jay’s “Representing Seasons” postings 1 and 2)

Thanks for celebrating this wonderful opportunity with us.  We hope to see you in Cincinnati, but don’t forget we’ll also be in Colorado Springs in January and Washington DC in April.

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