Showering Blessings

May 23

Not too long ago, Jay and I went back South for a weekend of pre-wedding showers for my sister-in-law, Mary Austin.  It was so special because the two showers I went to were the same ones that were thrown for me almost 8 years ago.  I wanted to share about one in particular since it is pretty unique…the Blessing Shower.


{the night of our blessing dinner, October 2004. I’m teary here after 1st viewing the gorgeous home, flowers, decor for the night of blessing}


At least in the Montgomery, AL circles, (supposedly), the blessing shower thrown for Jay and myself was the first one.  Who would have known just how many prayers and blessings we would need just a few short years after that night?  We were given so many wonderful gifts in celebration of our wedding, but those blessings were truly the greatest. Since our special night, there have since been many more, including this one thrown for MA and Andrew, also hosted by the fabulous McLemores (see pic of Jay and I with them below), as ours was.  Tanya and Dr. Curt have always reminded me of us.  I always say I want us to be them when we grow up!  Wait, did we grow up?  Surely not yet.


This shower epitomizes so many things that I love about celebrating…a candlelit evening in a beautiful home, soft and inviting live background music, a delicious, seated meal outside, and most importantly, time to shower special people with words of blessings, wisdom, humor, and love.


 My highlight for the night was when Jay gave his blessing.  We decided to share a blessing that is very special to us, one that we sing with James every night at bedtime.  Jay wasn’t planning on singing it, but with a live piano player jumping right in and a crowd of loving fans, he couldn’t say no.  (And he sings really, really well).


To the tune of “Edelweiss” (from Numbers 6:24-26)…


May the Lord, Mighty God,

Bless and keep you Forever;

Grant you peace, perfect peace,

Courage in every endeavor.

Lift up your eyes and see His face,

Know His grace is for you.

May the Lord, Might God,

Bless and keep you forever.


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