The Best Birthday Gift

Mar 19

My 30th birthday was one of the most special days in recent memory.  As with most great days, the beginning of it set the stage perfectly.  I certainly did get a few actual gifts, but the best one was getting to spend a moment around the breakfast table surrounded by my two favorite guys, a gift that was not necessarily going to happen after April 21, 2008.

James and Jay are a good team, and they had a few tricks up their sleeves to surprise Mommy on her special morning…

Downtown LA has a phenomenal flower market which is open to the public very early on certain days and has the best deals on flowers ever.  Jay ran down there early (5am!!!) and grabbed my favorite blue hydrangeas (poor guy later told me that he had gone to 5 or 6 grocery stores in our neighborhood trying to find them the night before with no luck) as well as some other favorites, pink tulips, and white ranunculus.

Of course some hot coffee from our neighborhood Starbucks was a perfect way to be roused awake on my special morning.  The latte and a few delicious donuts rounded out this quick breakfast time before I went to speak for my CBS group.

Jay took about 10 pictures from birthdays past–all since we’ve been married–and blew them up at Kinko’s on their large format printer (it’s a surprisingly cheap way to get a big visual bang).  I explained to Jamesie about all the pictures, and then he gave me any Mommy’s favorite gift…lots of hugs and kisses.

Since Mommy was having some special treats for breakfast, it only seemed fair that James would get a few too.  Trader Joe’s version of the Oreo are his favorites right now.  He actually grabbed these out of the pantry since we were having a party!  (He had Greek yogurt though, don’t worry).

Jay got me a new hat – a fedora.  I’ve been in a fedora phase recently.  He tells me I look “fedorable”.  The truth is that I have to wear hats to protect my facial surgery scars from sun damage, so we make it fun to do this!


After my maxillo-facial appointment a few weeks ago, it was determined that I need to up my own dental care.  So naturally, Jay got me an electric tooth brush and water flosser — woohoo, gettin’ rid of plaque!  Wow, we’re getting old just based on our gifts.  I’m pretty sure Jay got a vacuum on his birthday last year.  We like to be practical!

Best Birthday Ever!

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