The Ultimate “Don’t Wait” Celebration

Nov 07

We honeymooned in Maui after our wedding, and it was phenomenal (doesn’t the pic below just say it all — young, bright-eyed, and thinner!)  Maui is the most beautiful part of the world that I have ever seen.  I’ve wanted to go back there ever since we left the island.  Since my stroke, traveling is not what it once was, so I didn’t know if (or when) I would ever make it back to that special place.

Last Thursday morning, I got up super early to finish cramming the final lesson of my CBS (Community Bible Study) weekly study.  As I sat down on the couch, there was a note on top of the workbook.  A cute card with two palm trees on it (I will spare you the contents of it) closed by saying,

“Happy Anniversary, Aloha”.

WHAT???? AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

I looked over by the door and saw that my luggage was packed and ready to go.  We left an hour later!

It was paradise.

We even made it to a luau.

The shaved ice was delish,

but the wall of dark chocolate (in a local market) was even better!

We decided to drive the famous “Road to Hana”.  I may not be able to walk everywhere, but we sure can drive!  It took nearly the entire day to travel those extremely windy roads, and there were only a few slightly scary one-lane bridges, but it lived up to its reputation–it was spectacular.

We even made it to my favorite restaurant on the island, Sansei.  The dynamite shrimp will change your life, no kidding, and even better, we made it for the early bird special, so everything was 50% off!

A huge perk of being disabled is access to a large handicapped room with fabulously easy access to the pool/beach and breakfast room.

Maui is breathtaking to be sure.  We spent our last day looking at this view from under a covered lounger, not doing a thing other than enjoying the moment together.

Now, this was a celebration of our 7th anniversary–we didn’t wait for our 10th or 20th or 30th year, who knows if we’ll even be around for those?!  Thankfully, I have a hubby who gets that.

*No, we didn’t win the lottery in order to go on this trip.  My next post will be on how we Wolfs travel–needless to say, it’s on the really, really cheap and yet quite fabulous!


By the way, I will be the featured speaker at a women’s breakfast (“all you can eat” — just my style!) event for Seacoast Grace Church in (Northern) Orange County, CA this Saturday morning.  Check out the event here and come out if you’re in the OC area.

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