A Cozy Meal for a Cold Weekend

Mar 02

When it’s cold in LA, I know it’s gotta be cold elsewhere.  My not-so-great circulation keeps me freezing most of the time anyway, so a few nights ago, I begged Jay to make something warm and yummy for our small group dinner (other small group dinners, here).  Tuesdays in Culver City also happen to be the farmer’s market where Main Street is blocked off and you can buy fresh fruits, veggies, flowers, and treats–even the best kettle corn ever (yes, I promise this place is in Los Angeles and not Mayberry).

You would not believe what my live-in chef, Jay Wolf, whipped up with these fresh goodies.  He takes the humble soup and salad to a whole new level!

Almond Chicken Soup With Sweet Potato Collards and Ginger

This soup was fabulously filling and so delicious–even better, it’s really healthy and might even help your immune system survive the cold weekend weather.  Check out all the raving reviews and helpful hints in the comments section of the recipe link above.  {We used kale instead of collards, by the way, though collards are a nice nod to our Southern roots!}

Baby Leaf Salad With Bacon

To counterbalance the healthy soup, we added a not-so-healthy-but-worth-it salad, by our favorite, Ina Garten.  This salad is one that can be used for almost any occasion (perhaps not nightly as your heart and cholesterol may not appreciate it).  It is citrusy and creamy, particularly since we added avocado to ours.  Enjoy!

All you need is a little buttered slice of crusty, whole grain baguette to finish this meal off.  The limes, cilantro, mint, and Sriracha sauce are all fabulous condiments to add to the soup!

Of course, one of the best parts were the leftovers the next day with a little brown rice thrown in, post-therapy.  So good.  I hope you like it.

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