A Little Labor (on Labor Day) = A Lot of Fun

Sep 13

We had a casual, last-minute potluck cookout on Labor Day weekend.  The guest list was a few friends and neighbors.  We wanted to have the kiddos come, so we created an area covering half of our yard that was a little playland for kids complete with a highchair if anyone wanted to feed a little one outside..


James decided to dress as a monkey to welcome guests.  He quickly shed his suit and welcomed them in nothing but Thomas the Train tighty whities and his favorite boots.

 Choo choo.

How adorable are all these kids????

Jay wanted a reason to use his new Father’s Day gift: an ole fashioned charcoal grill.  We provided all the cookout stuff: burgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken, and these yummy black bean burgers you have to try.

We secretly just wanted to taste yumminess from other folks.  (Shhh…)

He finally got to enjoy the fruit of his labor.

Guests stayed well into the night

“A good time was had by all”

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