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Apr 19

After several comments/questions about the Easter eggs featured at the end of the “Easter Brunch” posting below, we thought we would share our secret.  As they say, “necessity is the mother of invention”, and in this case, we were running around Saturday night, preparing for Easter, when we remembered that we had forgotten to buy Easter egg dye.  Both of us did lots of childhood Easter egg dyeing which was strangely magical, so we hoped James might get to experience that Easter tradition too.


After a quick Google search, we came on a natural Easter egg dyeing solution using random stuff in the fridge.  Luckily, we never threw out that extremely old frozen bag of Costco berries!  We even used remnants from the morning’s leftover black gold” (coffee) to soak the eggs in.  There wasn’t exactly the normal-looking rainbow of Easter egg colors, but we kind of liked the more natural-looking, washed out hues.


This little scene taught us a few lessons.  First off, James ran away and was not remotely interested in egg dyeing.  So, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” when it comes to creating traditions for 4 year olds!  Second, a little creativity and Google can solve most problems.  Third, the natural way can be the easier and better way.  We’ve been conditioned to think that the advances of the past hundred years are the only way to live, that they are the most efficient and best for our quality of life.  I guess what’s old is new again, as our generation is looking back and doing some things now that our grandparents once did.  Sometimes the old-fashioned, simple approach is best, not to mention healthier for you.  Living in California has probably also created this thinking, but in general, when there is an alternative to the the typical product or method, which often have more chemicals or hormones or radiation, I try to use the old-fashioned alternative — stove top instead of microwave, farmer’s market instead of grocery store, big hat instead of chemical-laden sunscreen, speakerphone instead of Bluetooth.  Certainly, moderation in all things is key, and the Lord is always in control, but we have a stewardship for our own well-being too.  I guess when  you almost lose your life and have health challenges, you do hold it more loosely in one sense but you also do what you can to not take it for granted and protect it more too.

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