Being Mommy

Aug 12

In recent weeks, I have tried anew to bond with James.  Even though he loves me very much, he does not have the shared experiences (thus the memories) with me that he has with other sweet caretakers.  He also has not had me as his primary caretaker.  He responds best to whoever is feeding him.  (Not surprising–don’t we all).

We continue to push toward some semblance of normalcy as we are having family help a little less often and as Jay tries to focus on more work from home, so ultimately, I have to step up to the plate to take on a lot of James’ supervision during the day.  And, as I progress in my abilities to do more things safely and effectively, I’m doing everything I can to incorporate that into some fun, shared experiences with James as I take care of him…


We spent the night at the Assisted Living Facility in Athens at Great Grandmother Manda’s new place: the lovely Talmadge Terrace!

We enjoyed the backyard at my house in Athens.  James loves the pond.  I love the expression on his face in this picture.

 He got pretty sweaty in that “Jawja” July heat (and humidity).

We really love self-serve yogurt!

and sunglasses to keep mommy’s eyes safe (and James looking cool),

but we always get too much yogurt!

I’m going to do a separate posting about our beach trip, but let’s just say that James had a blast!

Preview of coming attractions….

It is deeply healing to feel like I can be mommy again.  It looks different than normal mommies, but James doesn’t care.

He’s just glad I can push the trains on his track with my left hand.

I’m glad too.

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