Bounce House Brunch

Apr 02

Particularly since settling into Culver City after my stroke and since leading the “New Parents” arm of the Marriage & Family Community at our church, we have loved entertaining at our house.  Somewhat selfishly, it is so much easier for us not to go out, but we also love having our home filled with friends and family and especially precious little ones!

Previously, I have had mommies over for “Pamper the Ladies with the Babies”, which has been so great, but we wanted to involve the whole families too.  A few months ago, we set up a new fellowshipping event that fills the house with loads of fun and giddy little ones!

A bounce house brunch seems a great way to start off our Saturday mornings.  As tiny as our little front yard is, compared to Southern standards at least, it perfectly accommodates the “mini-bounce house”, which all the kids adore (we borrowed our friend Bobbi’s but you can buy them for relatively cheap online, from Wal-mart etc.)  The parents get to enjoy a yummy brunch while the kiddos bounce to their hearts’ content (and hopefully bounce their way right to a good nap afterwards!)

{FYI — above are the most fabulous, soft, delicious scones I have ever had, from Dream Dinners!}


***Kind of a revelation, coming up on SATURDAY, MAY 12, we will have a “Pamper the Ladies in a Bounce House”!  Just kidding, but we will actually have a family affair combining both of these events!  Our mommies will get pampered inside and in the back yard, while the Daddies watch the little ones bounce in the front yard!  Should be the best of both!



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