Easter Brunch

Apr 18

Last Sunday was truly a fabulous Easter.  After the beautiful service, complete with Jay and me on the big screen, we invited our family and a few friends over for brunch.  We were fresh off of our Italy trip, definitely feeling a bit jet lagged, but we really wanted to continue our tradition of hosting Easter brunch for family and friends, so we opened up the backyard for some Easter brunch in the “garden”.


As Jay referenced in his last “Road to Easter” posting (here), flowers are one of the most spectacular representations of new life and resurrection — perfect for Easter Sunday!  Early Saturday morning, Jay and I ventured out to LA’s Flower Market to check out the beautiful buds.  It was my first time, and it was so cool, not to mention a great deal, particularly when you are buying large amounts.  From fragrant Easter lilies and gorgeous cherry blossom branches to wild ranunculus and my favorite hydrangeas, we filled the table and our home with lots of life.


Many years ago, my Mom (see her Easter posting here) was inspired by her love of Russian culture to create a meaningful Easter celebration, based on a traditional seder/Russian/Greek Orthodox Easter meal.  Pretty much every dish represents an element of Easter–lamb for Jesus, the lamb of God, borscht, a beet soup representing the blood of Christ, deviled eggs for new life, asparagus with horseradish sauce for the bitterness of captivity, pita bread like the Israelites’ unleavened bread, etc.


What could be better than a leisurely, outdoor lunch with family and friends?!  Well actually, dessert, coffee, and a precious Easter egg hunt just might be better!  The Lenten season of fasting and anticipation came to the perfect end that afternoon.  I can’t wait to do it again next year!


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