Finding the Light

May 16

Isn’t it interesting how we all assume that there is some invisible quota for annoyances, pain, and suffering?  We seem to be in a bit of a season of “when it rains it pours” (see “One of Those Days“).  I wrote this today from my local Starbucks as I had to evacuate our little house for several hours as it was being exterminated from fleas.


Just a few days ago, we began noticing itchy little black jumping specks.  Since we don’t have any pets, fleas didn’t immediately come to mind, but as the infestation suddenly went from bad to biblical plague proportions, we quickly figured it out (apparently a few neighbors’ homes have also been infested, likely from a stray cat or possum that snuck under the house).  There are not many things sadder than seeing a child tormented by incessantly itchy bug bites from “Mr. Itchy Mans” (his nickname for the fleas).  Luckily, we have plenty of “Toy Story” bandaids on hand.  Well today, I finally called in the professionals, and despite the bill, which made my bad day worse, I think our recent uninvited visitors will be leaving us soon, which will be totally worth it.


It’s funny how in the middle of some unexpected hardship it’s hard to remember how things used to be when they were “normal”.  I guess if nothing else, these types of moments help to remind us not to take for granted the most mundane aspects of life, like the fact that the majority of time, we get to live in a non-itchy home, one that’s not infested by bugs that torture us all day and night.  Believe me, tonight, as I get into my clean bed, free of Mr. Itchy Mans, it will not be taken for granted.




A recent song I’ve been listening to echoes the truth that these highs and lows not only come with the territory of life but are vital counterbalances to each other.  You can’t truly appreciate the good moments, unless you’ve been through the bad ones.  I hope it encourages you like it has encouraged me today.



I wish upon you an easy life.  I wish upon you hard times.  I hope you know that both joy and pain each need their moment to shine….As the sun sets, the moon begins to rise.  So even in the darkness you’ll find the light...

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