“Foodie Friday”

Jan 27

As you all may have heard, when it comes to food, there are few things I love more than a delicious weekend brunch.  Given the hectic holiday schedule over the past few months, we’ve gotten out of our normal Saturday morning brunch with friends routine, but I think tomorrow may be just the time to reinstate this lovely tradition.

Brunch is the epitome of the type of entertaining we like to do–early in the day so everyone is fresh, easy preparation and affordable, delicious food, both savory and sweet, low-keyed setting where being barefoot is totally appropriate, watching the kids run around outside as we linger over coffee and conversation with the front door wide open…

Frittatas seem to be our go-to brunch food because they are so easy to make, just sautee whatever veggies you’ve got in the fridge to be the bottom layer, then pour over about 4 or 5 beaten eggs with herbs, seasoning, and cheese mixed in.  Cook on the stovetop on medium-low until it firms up a bit, then put the whole pan in the oven on 450 for about 5 minutes or until firm (though make sure your pan has a metal handle, NOT plastic–we’ve made that mistake before).  This brunch’s frittatas were turkey/goat cheese/sage/butternut squash and potato/onion/rosemary/parmesan–both yummy combinations, for sure!  Round it out with some fresh berries, chicken sausages, and cheese grits, and we were set until dinner.





P.S. Pray for me as I start my Physical Therapy for 2012 today (10am).  It is hard work, but I am very blessed to be able to have it and (slowly) learn to walk again.  An arduous process for sure, therapy is something I have to do.  Pray for a continued positive attitude about this.    (I feel like I may need to have a brunch this weekend…)

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