Jun 01

The smoky smell of an outdoor barbecue is truly the personification of summer.  Katherine and James gave me a little charcoal grill for Father’s Day last year, and though I haven’t used it a ton, I recently vowed to enjoy and refine that particular culinary skill with more regularity this summer.


Finally having our new neighbors over for dinner was the perfect excuse to dust off the charcoal chimney (a great device, by the way) and rustle up a few new recipes to try out.  We’ve been collecting our inspirations for food, celebrations, home, style, etc. via Pinterest for a little while now so we decided to make several grilled items from that cache.  A side note regarding inspiration…it is definitely a necessity to spur on creativity, but like a glove without a hand, it’s kind of pointless on it’s own.  So, all you pinners out there, make sure to actually create something in real life from all your inspirations.  Back to the food…


We’ve got a big wedding coming up soon, so this meal was also a bit of a last hurrah in terms of feasting…always good to counterbalance with some fasting.  Though in the near future, we will likely just be grilling fish and vegetables, maybe this grilled menu will inspire your next summertime celebration.  Enjoy!


The Menu…

Grilled Corn w/ Cilantro Butter & Cotija Cheese

Grilled Prosciutto Wrapped Peaches

Grilled Artichokes w/ Garlic & Cheese

Blood Orange Beet & Fennel Salad (the hit of the night)

Shrimp & Whole Wheat Spaghetti Tossed w/ Pesto

Grilled Baguette w/ Butter & Truffle Salt

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