Mixing It Up — A Christmas Playlist

Dec 23

I’ve always been fond of homemade music mixes as I find them a kind of time capsule (a past Christmas mix, here).  Music can transport you back to a past season of life like few other things can.


As you may have noticed, hymns and Christmas carols contain some of the most profound  articulations of theology that have ever been written.  Sadly, these songs are so familiar to us that we often miss out on the breathtakingly communicated words coming out of our mouths.


I made the mix this year with that fact in mind (Christmas 2012 Playlist).  Many of these songs are quite familiar words but set to different music.  Certainly, these classic melodies don’t need improving or updating, but it’s amazing how changing the tune makes you hear the words in a whole new way.  Plus, since they don’t necessarily sound like the same Christmas songs, you can play them ALL YEAR without annoying everyone!  Hope you enjoy.


Related side note — One of our favorite Christmas albums ever is by our new friend, Sara Groves (check it out, here and here).  As described above, she too has crafted that rare kind of Christmas album that honors the tradition of these cherished songs but re-imagines them in beautiful and uncommon ways which allow their message to ring true in brand new ways.  Well done, Sara!  Thanks for adding to our mix!

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