Smelling the Roses

Jul 15

I’ve been feeling a little down since my surgery, and I think a posting about some pretty flowers will cheer me right up…

We keep fresh flowers in our home at almost all times, and because we live in Southern California, there are beautiful and relatively affordable flowers available basically year round.  We buy 90% of our flowers from our favorite local grocery store, Trader Joe’s (the other 10% is Costco, the flower mart, and roadside vendors).  TJ’s has a great variety and they are oh-so-cheap that you don’t feel guilty keeping them in constant demand around your house.  We even love the little orchids and succulents because they last forever, even if we forget to water them!

When I was in ICU, I got sent an obscene amount of flowers, but the sad irony was that not a single bud was allowed to be in the room with me because of the potential germs (not to worry though, Jay had them sent on to other patients who could have them).  Understandably, hospitals, and in particular, ICUs, have to be extremely clean and sterile; however, this can only add to the feeling of lifelessness that is already so apparent among the sick and dying.  It was a particularly sad feeling for Jay that no living plants and colorful flowers could be placed around my ICU room to cheer me up.  Needless to say, when I was downgraded to the neuro-acute rehab some time later, Jay, my family, pretty much any visitor and a host of friends from far away, kept my room filled to the brim with beautiful, oxygen-giving plants and flowers.  Thank you!

Even when we moved to Pomona to go to Casa Colina, the acting studio where I had studied up until my stroke, Lesly Kahn, sent me flowers via ProFlowers (great flower company), nearly every week for months and months.  What an incredible gesture.

In general, sending flowers or just pampering yourself with them is a perfect example of how important the little pleasures in life are to our overall well-being.  Flowers and plants literally give life to any space, so if you’ve got some fake ones around (which I completely understand and appreciate the cost-effectiveness of) toss those for a simple bouquet of REAL flowers from your backyard or the grocery store (just throw them out when they are done, the only thing worse than fake flowers are dead ones!)

Small reminders of the goodness in life and the beauty of creation, inserted into our simple, day-to-day routines, help us to step back and consider, with gratitude, all that we have been blessed with in our lives.  Correspondingly, these little microcosms of our natural world remind us that the journey often goes by quicker than we would like it to, and thus, serve as a reminder to enjoy and marvel and be grateful in ALL of it.

On another note, I have to tell you how much this website is blessing me!  Months ago, this was exactly my vision for this new site, and it has become a reality!  Having a soothing little corner where people could come and read and pull away from reality — all while being inspired, was my goal.  I wanted to have 4 categories that you could click on (the scalloped blue buttons), then a listing of posts in that category would come up with a little picture and the title.  Try it out — that is exactly what happens — I love you technology (well, not how you won’t let me adequately space things on here, but for the most part, I feel love).  I won’t go on and on, but once again, I feel so blessed that it all works!  Thank you Jay, Mia, JP, Hillary and all my sweet friends who gave feedback along the way!  You all are wonderful!

* I cannot write a posting about fresh flowers in my home without giving credit where credit is due.  All of the pictures in this posting are of our beautifully Jay-designed  home, with flowers he largely bought and arranged, and then chicly photographed.  The picture directly above is from our rental house at Casa Colina.  That poster now sits above the chest of drawers in our bedroom.  It’s true — we are so good together.  I do not know where I would be without you.  I love you so much, Jay Wolf.

* CHECK IT OUT: Mary Catherine is a sweet friend of mine from college days, and she has found herself across the pond blogging about life as a “Graduate Wife”.  I wrote a guest blog for her which you can read here.

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