Where It All Happens

Jul 04

This picture is my little desk where I sit and write most of my postings.  As many of you may know, writing is not totally easy for me right now, so we have made my desk as pretty and comfortable as possible for me.

I type everything with only my left hand, I see two computer screens and keyboards because of the double vision, and my stamina/endurance for anything (like typing long postings) is very low.

Instead of getting super frustrated and annoyed by those issues (which are highlighted when I try to type), I have a nice cup of hot tea on one side of the computer (Trader Joe’s Organic Ginger Pear White Tea is my current fave), and an IPOD playing some soothing music that I love on the other.

I look forward to sitting here many more times in the future and pouring out my heart to you.


I hope that now you have more of a mental picture of the set-up.

I will meet you back here at my new little spot soon.  I’m glad you are here – just consider this your front row seat for phase 2 of this miracle.

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