A Prayer Need

May 08

I do NOT normally do this (because there are simply WAY too many sweet people who contact me with information about their loved ones in need), but this is the brother of a dear friend, Lacey, who lived in LA at the time of my stroke.  On her days off from work, she would drive all the way to Pomona (to our home at Casa Colina) and help with the house cleaning, babysit James, help with the laundry, etc.  In a small way, I feel like this is a way to honor her.  Her brother is in need of tremendous prayers tonight.


{Lacey, our friend, with her brother Jonathan}


From Kim (another sweet friend of ours):


“Jonathan Wicksall is 29 years old and lives in Chicago.  He was in North Carolina for vacation this past weekend when he was in a four wheeler accident.  He is currently being treated in the ICU at Duke.  He suffered a couple small brain bleeds, a broken femur, damage to his lungs, and fractured bones in his face.  Prayers are needed over the next 12 hours as Jonathan’s lungs are in very, very bad condition due to infection.  If his infection and oxygen levels do not improve, dramatic steps will need to be taken.  Also, no other necessary surgeries will be able to be performed until his lungs improve.”

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