Back in the Saddle Again…

Jan 30

It’s been several months since I’ve been in a formal physical therapy program, and today was my first day back (after my initial consultation last week).  In some ways it’s been great to have a break from the tedious nature of therapy (after all, chasing a 4-year old and helping keep house gives me lots of free therapy!), but it is certainly encouraging to be working toward recovery under the consistent supervision of a professional therapist.

Re-entering the therapy world is totally worth it, but of course it can be a reminder of the great amount of effort that has been exerted compared with what at times feels like very small gains.  The picture above kind of sums it up; slowly walking down the mirrored wall, safety belt around my waist, I almost feel as if I’m watching someone else do it, surely this cannot be me, like I’m in a parallel universe.  I believe that I am and will continue to heal, but it’s often daunting to feel that I still cannot really walk normally after so many years.  Therapy reminds me of that fact all to well, and it can be hard.

Also, I am extremely grateful for Medicare which helps with many of my medical expenses, but the restrictions are frustrating and arbitrary, and at best, it looks like I may only be able to have a handful of visits this year before my coverage is capped out as they do not like to pay for “maintenance” and yet we will still have to pay a lot out of pocket.  I know I’m a well-oiled machine, but come on, we all need some maintenance to keep us kickin’, right?!  Oh well, the Lord is in control of the deductibles and the deficits, though I invite you to pray that my therapy would be fruitful and last as long as possible, that my motivation, attitude and spirit would be high, and the relationships created in this place would help point others to the ultimate source of healing.

On kind of a funny side note, this particular therapy spot is one I went to over a year ago for a short while, but since I was there last time, it’s been re-named…only in LA.




I met my goal!!!! How wonderful!  51 stoves — woohoo!  Please consider donating $20 to buy one if you have not.  I really want to help Jody meet her goal of 1,000 stoves.



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