Blue is Best

Oct 31

After over 2 years of annoying the city, we were granted our very own handicap parking space in front of our house!  This means Jay can pull up and simply help James and I up to the front door.

{you may have seen this picture from our Instagram feed, taken the morning that they were painting the curb}

It is a beautiful thing.  I have to tell you, I don’t think I’ve been this thankful for anything in quite awhile (well, there is something else, but I will share about that in my next post as it is linked to this euphoric state based on my sweet home/living situation.)

Now, I don’t think I ever thought that one day I would feel like I won the grand prize in life when I was granted a handicap parking place at age 30.  (I’m chuckling at that statement).

   I felt like that way the day they painted our curb blue.  WE WON!!!!!  We won the big prize — our very own marker to the neighborhood as a disabled family.

Life is strange.  Expectations change.  Go with it.

I happened to recently reread the essay I wrote on the 2 year anniversary of my stroke.  God has a funny way of speaking to me through words I’ve written in the past.  I had a realization after reading that again last week.  I STILL FEEL THAT WAY.  I LIVE THAT WAY.  A quote for today from it: “I heard recently that challenges either make you bitter or beautiful.  Symbolically, with a face that is paralyzed on one side, I’m choosing to be beautiful.  Gorgeous in fact.  We cannot control what happens to us in this world.  Control over anything is just an illusion.  What we do have control over is our response to what happens to us.”


I’m pumped about that new bright blue spot (and blue no less — my favorite color — God winking down at me??? — I think He really must look out for this girl.)

*     *     *

*Confessions of a Neurotic Southerner: I’m not doing anything until January!  I don’t know why I have waited this long to get the word out.  There was no labor day potluck this year and no huge fall festival.  There will be no Birthday Party for Jesus (well, not a formal one at least). I’m not even hosting a shower of any sort.   Since the broken leg this summer, I decided hosting nothing/going almost nowhere were going to have to be my MO til the New Year.

*Confessions from a Guilt-Ridden (Southern) Mother: James did not have a birthday party this year for 2 reasons.  One is what I wrote above and 2 is because he didn’t want one!  James doesn’t love crowds or other kids playing with his toys.  He is quite territorial and wildly protective of his precious little friends.  We had a blast at Disneyland instead, thanks Honey!!!

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