Broken Leg Updates

Sep 20

These are not exactly new updates, particularly if you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, but for those of you interested in the current status of my broken leg, here goes…

As I have referenced on here time and again, Risa Sheppard, of Sheppard Pilates has truly given me a priceless gift.  In recovering from the leg break, it’s been hard to work within the confines of therapy, insurance, and my leg’s abilities.  I’ve needed to maintain a certain level of activity for my overall health and healing, while not pushing my leg too hard.  Pilates has been the perfect balance.  I am so grateful for her!  See a little update about my progress in her newsletter here.

About a week ago, I met with my UCLA Orthopedist, Dr. Jeffcoat, who is fabulous.  He was very pleased with the movement in my foot/ankle, as well as with the X-rays, which showed definite new bone growth surrounding the rod.  He gave me the go ahead to not wear the boot any more (it was so miserable during our recent heat wave) and to do as much therapy/walking as I can tolerate.

The location of the screws in my knee is still pretty painful at times, but for the most part, things are feeling good.  Thanks for the prayers!

Now, it’s time to re-build my rather shrunken chicken leg!  I will be in the pool again, which seems to be great therapy for me, and of course, I will be working in the pilates studio, this time, without the boot!

Now, I’m  off to Pool Therapy at CompletePT!

Back in the saddle again.  WOOHOO!


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