Getting Better

Apr 30

It’s honestly been a rough couple of days since my surgery.  I suppose the pain has been more than I anticipated.  Hopefully, I will be out of the worst in the next day or so, but until then, I have accepted any and all treats to soothe the pain.


 {the scar on my right side is from my facial surgeries; the new, bandaged one is from my “thyroplasty” — don’t google it; it’s kind of scary…}


Anyway, what are your favorite “happys” to receive when you don’t feel well?  Here are a few that I’ve gotten…


{a dear friend had sneakily inquired into my current, favorite treat because she was entertaining “friends” from out-of-town and wanted advice — in reality, she ended up using that info to send me my favorite treat post-surgery, right to my front door…John Kelly Chocolates, from my Valentine’s Day Chocolate Tour}


{another sweet friend always knows the way to my heart…Starbucks latte and Trader Joe’s dark chocolate}


{my parents were both in town and they brought me Yummy Cupcakes and a true favorite, the Whole Foods hot bar}


{of course, above any treat that I could eat, my little boy always meets my need for comforting treats…what a little love, so sweet to his mama!  (This is what I woke up to on Sat morning)}




The big water campaign ends tomorrow.  I want to raise another $1,100 (2 mechanics) for this project.  PLEASE HELP ME.  This is sustainable.  I believe everything can be redeemed.  I believe that for extreme poverty in India.  Go here to donate and please leave a comment to tell me where you live.  My goal is for that number to say $2,440 by tomorrow night.

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