Gifts of the Gump

Feb 10

Speaking of that sweet Montgomery bride-to-be, I wanted to share a link with you to a news story a station in Montgomery, AL (also lovingly known as “the Gump”) did on me this past Christmas.  It is so amazing that people still do news stories about me and write to me and pray for me nearly 4 years after my stroke.  It is always so humbling.  I get to sit on my couch and receive blessings.  ARE YOU SERIOUS?  I love my life!  You can view the link here.

As shown on the story, someone did actually drop off a gift for me on the door step during the interview.  What was inside seemed to quite providentially coincide with the story being filmed right then…

The anonymous giver found this little box in her gift closet just a few days prior.  She had forgotten putting it there many years before, and when she opened it up, to her surprise, she found this prayer folded up inside.  Wow!  What a sweet and thoughtful gift–I love blue and white, by the way–but oh my goodness, what an even sweeter gift to have been given the prayers of so many strangers for so long now.  And for all those, from the Gump to far beyond, who have gifted me with prayers, gifts, support, love, and encouragement, I  want to say THANK YOU!  If I could write a note to each of you I would, but perhaps the ultimate thank you can simply be seen below, an answer to your gracious prayers…


and she’s still Katherine…

{no one said a half-paralyzed face took away my expressiveness!}


PS — I had no idea the camera was rolling when I made a joke about the brain injury (and not the blonde hair) making me ditzy.  It ended up in the story.  Oh well!


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