Hope Heals: A Short Film

Jan 15

One of the new, exciting projects we have in the works for Hope Heals in the coming months is a project that has been stirring in our heads and in our hearts for quite a while now…a short film telling our story, from our own voice.


Having lived in Los Angeles for 8 years, the power of the medium of film to communicate story is not lost on us.  In fact, we feel the Lord led us to Los Angeles for many reasons, not the least of which was to come with our story to this city brimming with people who have the passion and expertise to take the pictures in our heads and cinematically bring them to life in a way that can touch completely new audiences with our message of HOPE.

Check out our fundraising page with a video promo and lots more details:  The Story of Jay & Katherine Wolf: Hope Heals–A Short Film

Please feel NO PRESSURE to support this financially, though if you do, please know that our whole production team deeply feels the stewardship associated with this project and is desiring to make the highest quality, most professional piece for the budget raised.

A few other details:

– the fundraising ends February 10th and if we do not raise our budget by then no funds will be released (this is to protect the integrity of the project and the intention of the backers to back a project that can only be made with the budget),

– donations are NOT tax-deductible, and

– though there are some “rewards” for giving higher amounts, ANY AMOUNT IS HELPFUL, even $1, as the more backers we have for the project, the more likely it will be placed on Kickstarter’s main page, putting it in front of new eyes.


We are so humbled to be at this place of hopeful anticipation.  We have seen the story of God so apparent in our own, and it has given us the hope to keep persevering in this life.  It’s our privilege continuing sharing in new ways so that He might be revealed to new hearts.  Thanks, as always, for experiencing life and our God together and for always cheering us on!


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