My Leg is Broken But Not My Spirit

Jul 17

Thanks for all the prayers, well-wishes, and love in many, many forms sent my way this past week.  Just so you know, I am alright.

Now, that being said, the reality is, this is a terrible setback in my recovery.  There is no way around that fact.  I have been working in physical therapy for several years to try to get my right leg to take my bodyweight while I step forward.  Now, I will spend a minimum of three months trying NOT to put any weight on it at all.

I’m in pain.  Even with all these heavy duty pain killers, it still hurts pretty badly.  I’m stuck in a hospital bed, and I can’t even sit up without intense throbbing.  I am officially a burden to all those around me since I can do nothing myself, which possibly pains me the most.

This is awful.  Absolutely awful in just about every way.

However, I have to share with you a strange “blessing in the storm” as my friend Naja from Bible Study always says.  My RIGHT leg is the broken one — the affected, weaker, very-messed up side of my body.  In one sense, this is devastating.  How awful for my “bad” leg to now be further crippled? 

Nonetheless, “God winked” here, and it was a pretty big one.


The bone was broken so badly–a spiral break shattering it–that the surgeon had to insert an 18-inch steel rod into my leg to hold it all back together.  This rod will be a permanent part of me from now on.  You follow?  While I never in a million years would have signed up for some procedure to get a rod installed in my leg to make it stronger (I don’t think they do that anyway), my weaker, right leg is now going to be re-inforced with steel!  Kind of cool, huh?

I was clearly not able to make it to the Seasons event this past weekend in person, though I actually Skype’d in, which was neat; however, the Lord worked it out just perfectly, last-minute, for Jay to go as our representative (more on that later).  The Seasons team dubbed me, “the Steel Magnolia”.  I like that one, and I think it just might stick.




Guess what?  This nightmare has inspired my mom to blog again — another “happy” to come from this yuckiness — check out her past 2 blogs about our crazy last week here at (a modern day) Margery Raves On!

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