Perspective of Gratitude

Oct 18

While my leg has healed fairly well and fairly quickly (I’ve heard stories from many of you about your own similar but lengthier leg breaks), I must admit that the moment when my leg broke over three months ago affects most of my moments today.

I am so grateful to be out of the constant and surprisingly intense pain that accompanied those first weeks, but I do still have a good deal of pain, largely where the screws are located in my knee and ankle.  I have tried to balance consistent movement and exercise with rest and care, but even now my right ankle is noticeably swollen and tender compared to my left (the dreaded “cankle”).  I am so thankful that I can get around most anywhere at this point (we just returned from a FABULOUS Seasons Weekend in Cincinnati), and of course, getting wheeled down to James’ school for pick-up/drop-off is basically the highlight to my day, but I am limited in getting around, and I have not been able to do a lot of normal things that I would like to do because of this.

The past few days I’ve needed a little perspective on my situation.  These pictures were from just three months ago, and they certainly take me right back to my parent’s living room, to that hospital bed.  It was a time I don’t ever want to revisit, but it is also a time I don’t want to forget as the perspective it instills will forever influence my gratitude for those times when I don’t have pain or when I can get around easily.  Perspective…we all need it (even if we don’t want it).

A special thanks to my parents for greatly facilitating those first few weeks of my recovery.  If you can’t have a medical crisis at your own home, you might as well have one at your parents’ home!

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