Special Prayer Needed

Jul 10

Dear Friends,

Katherine and I would so appreciate your prayers right now.  Unfortunately, this afternoon, Katherine took a freak fall at her parents’ home in Georgia, on a flat surface no less, and ended up severely BREAKING HER RIGHT LEG (tibia and fibula, lower shin area).  It will actually require a metal rod to be surgically implanted in her leg tomorrow (Wednesday).  She will be having surgery sometime around noon, EST.

There are few things worse than seeing someone you love in intense physical pain, and so sadly, that has been my burden this entire evening.  Thankfully, her pain is being managed, and in typical Katherine fashion, she is in good spirits, already the favorite patient in the hospital, thanking the nurses profusely, apologizing to the techs for having to move her, and making everyone feel at ease.

{enjoying some well-deserved Waffle House as there will be no eating/drinking after midnight to prepare for surgery}

Though I already knew it well, it was reiterated tonight that Katherine is quite a woman.  Tough is an understatement, yet she needs some supernatural strength for tomorrow, not to mention the weeks and months of recovery ahead.  Please join me in praying for her comfort through the night and for her successful surgery tomorrow.  It goes without saying that she already has so many neurological problems walking that adding a major orthopedic injury to her legs could be potentially devastating to her, but God-willing she will be back on her feet in a few months.

Life is nothing if not unexpected, friends; the plans we make change in a moment.  We are clinging to our God, the one that makes all the bad things good, and hoping to see how he might be glorified through this particularly painful and unforeseen circumstance.

Thanks for walking with us on the journey, always.




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