Still Recovering

May 07

It’s been about a week and a half since my vocal cord surgery.  I don’t want to make anyone gag by going into too much detail; however, I feel like I owe it to all the people who were praying about it and praying for me to tell you how I’m doing now.


Honestly, it was tough.


  After SEVEN surgeries, I guess I always think that it won’t be a very big deal or won’t bother me very much.  WRONG.


Because this doctor is one of the best in the world, he is a little tough to “chat” with about all my details of surgery.  So much so, that we had thought that the implant would be implanted in my vocal cord through my nose.  The morning of the surgery, we found out that they make an incision in my neck and place the implant in that way.  We also found out that I would be woken during surgery (while totally numb, of course) and need to “phonate” so that they know exactly where to place the implant.  Cool.  I’m only kinda scarred for life.


Anyway, I must admit, I’m not always the best patient (sorry, Jay).  I was allowed to talk without restriction post-surgery but instructed not to push it.  I probably ran with that a little too much.  I even had a speaking engagement at a church in San Diego this past weekend (it was scheduled long before I knew the surgery date), which may have been a little soon.  Oh well, it worked out!  I fully believe in resting and relaxing when needed, but who can blame me for not wanting to miss out on a week of this wonderful life!?!  A few examples of me and my lovely, ragged throat bandages packing it in…


{perfect Friday afternoon on the beach in Coronado (they put us up — free family getaway!) before the Saturday speaking engagement}


{speaking at Gateway Church in San Diego, home church of my dear friend and mentor in all things marriage-ministry-related, Syd Taylor}


{last night, with my sister Amie at one of my favorite events of the year, the Impacting Hearts fundraiser for foster kids}




EXCITING NEWS = MY HEART IS FULL (AGAIN).  While theadventureproject did not quite meet their massive, massive goal, they did support 150 water well mechanics in India!  You met and then surpassed every goal I set (I kept increasing them) and if you go to campaign homepage, you can see that I even surpassed the project creator herself and became the #1 fundraiser for the entire project.  WHAT ON EARTH?  You all are just too good to me.  My cup runneth over to the nth degree.


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