The New Ride

Mar 01

Well, it’s been nearly 4 years, so it’s time for a new ride.  We’ve got a big trip coming up soon, celebrating Jay and I both turning 30 this Spring, so it was high time to update my wheels.  Here’s a little glimpse into our time at the showroom…

My current wheelchair doesn’t get nearly as much use as it did a few years ago, but I do use it to go longer distances.  At this point, it has no seat cushion, falling off arm rests, no foot rests, crooked handles, and one wheel wobbling uncontrollably.  In other words, it’s kind of a sad picture to people who walk past me.  Time to go to the dealership!

There were some mighty fine models to choose from–lots of colors too!  Of course, my eye went straight to that baby in blue.

Look at these features, it folds up so nicely and is so light, it even fits in a handy bag that can be hoisted on one’s back–thanks Jay!

My new ride has been adjusted just for me and my long legs.  It’s fully customized to my every need!  However, there is one missing component–Jay is considering patenting a cup holder for the back.

Since Medicare didn’t think this “upscale” model should be covered, my sweet parents gave it to me as my main Christmas gift, and Pico Medical even gave me a 20% off first-time customer discount–woohoo!   Love it!  All kidding aside, it really is so interesting how one’s perspective shifts from one season to the next.  I can truly say, I’ve never been so excited for a new ride in my life, and I know the man who pushes me would say the same thing!  Can’t wait to take it out on the open road.  Now, we just need to get a new car someday!

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