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Dec 16

I’ve had a few weeks now to process my big appointments from a few weeks ago — all the doctors’ info/advice/insight.  First, I must tell you what I forgot to tell you in light of the aneurysm news.  In the same week I visited Dr. Gonzalez, I also visited my othopedist at UCLA to check-up on my broken leg’s healing, and my big takeaway:


{check out the doctor’s office photo here}

After confirming that my leg is healing very well, and I have good range of motion in my ankle, the doctor determined that the screws holding the rod in place near my knee and ankle can be removed in the new year.  I have not talked about it much, if at all, on here, but I have been in a good bit of pain almost constantly for many months now following my leg break.  To know they will be gone before too long is a RELIEF!  I wasn’t sure how I was going to manage this pain for the rest of my life!  So, yay!!!!  HAPPY FUTURE-CANKLE-FREE MAMA HERE!

Speaking of “this Mama”, I can’t help but think of the miracle of James’ birth whenever I am faced with the appointments/medical stuff from several weeks ago.  I am still struck by The Very First Miracle —  “Truly, you and James surviving his birth was the first miracle of them all”, he said.”

As I consider a pregnancy someday in the future (a desire of my heart is to have more children and I am able to, FYI), I have to face the facts about my brain.  As hard as it was to hear Dr. G. share recently, his words were not something that were surprising to me.  He told us that issues in my brain will be on-going and life-long.  Like the AVM and the current aneurysm, clearly things were not formed exactly right when I was still in my Mother’s womb.  I’ve got weaknesses in my vascular system that may create other issues over time, and that has been a difficult realization.

Nevertheless, I have no doubt that God knit me together exactly as I should be before the date of my birth.  I rest in that knowledge no matter what is to come.

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