Vocal Cord Surgery Today

Apr 26

This morning, Katherine will undergo surgery for her paralyzed, right vocal cord (more info here).  She was just wheeled into surgery.  It is interesting; this is her 7th surgery post-AVM rupture, and instead of getting easier, they somehow get a bit harder.  I suppose it’s because ignorance is bliss, and the more we know about the procedure and recovery and the more aware her mind has become over time, the harder it is to approach these things with total peace and calm.


 Moreover, this surgery, like her last eye surgery, will be done under twilight anesthesia.  So, unfortunately, she will have to be awake, though pretty out of it and completely numbed in certain areas, while they insert the prosethesis into her vocal cord (all while a camera is put down her nose into throat–nice way to spend a morning, right?)  They do this because they need her to vocalize so they can ensure the correct placement of the implant.  I can’t imagine how unpleasant that will be for her.  I just pray it will be over quickly.  Thankfully, this surgery will be relatively short…it will be the recovery, with about a week of vocal rest that should be interesting.  Thanks so much for the prayers.  I will post an update when she is out on Hope Heals.


{By the way, side praise — I am writing this on the laptop that was accidentally doused with coffee and almost certainly dead — woohoo, it works!}

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