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I live in sunny Southern California (my favorite place in the whole world), in an adorable, quaint community in the heart of Los Angeles (my favorite part of this huge metroplex) called Culver City.  In April of 2008, I had a massive brain stem stroke.  I was not expected to live or recover.  In the time since the AVM rupture (the congenital condition that caused my stroke), I have relearned to eat, to speak, and I am now relearning to walk.  I can’t do a lot of things that I used to, since pretty much everything on my right side was affected (right side facial paralysis, right ear deafness, double vision, right hand without fine motor movements, etc.), but read on a little bit and you may see that the “new normal” is working out pretty well for this girl!  I love sharing my story of Hope with you. God is redeeming my suffering, and you are getting to read about it.


A few more details: I just turned 30 and I am married to the greatest (and most gorgeous) man on Earth, Jay, for seven years and counting (we’ve been through a lot, but we are doing just fine).  I have a toddler named James who was 6 months old when I almost died.  He is absolutely delicious!  I’m from the great state of Jawja (“Georgia” in some circles), and I love the South.  I love all things about that part of the country (well, not the humidity, actually).  I especially love southern hospitality and monogrammed anything (particularly stationery — I have an addiction).  


And Jesus (not a Southerner, but I love Him all the same).  I really love Him.  He saved my life.  I’m not some weirdo who stands at football games with a massive cross and yells things at people when they walk by.  I am actually bothered by those people and annoyed that they represent my wonderful faith in such an unfortunate way.  If you are not a believer, I would encourage you to read and see how I have responded in faith to what could have turned me away from my faith, but instead, has made it stronger.  Read on to see how I choose Him EVEN AFTER this.


I also love copious amounts of dark chocolate, cupcakes, and very strong coffee.  I just wanted you to know that.


Oh, and I currently have a brain aneurysm.  Seriously…I know, the irony. Hasn’t she been through enough with that brain of hers!?  Clearly, my entire cerebrovascular system was messed up from birth.  The aneurysm is ultra tiny and just needs to be monitored for now, but the trouble is that it is on the LEFT side of my brain, behind my “good” left eye.  I will likely have it “coiled” to prevent it from rupturing in the not too distant future.  For now, it is another opportunity to trust, relinquish, and abide in God’s peace, and for you, dear friends, it’s an opportunity to pray for me.


That’s what I do.  I PRAY A LOT.  I love the old adage that you should “work like it’s all up to you and pray like it’s all up to God”.  That’s my motto.  Work and pray and work and pray some more.  AND IT’S WORKING.  I am doing so many things I was never supposed to do again.  So I’ll keep working and praying and who knows what will happen next — you’ll see…

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