Weekend Links -May 19, 2012

May 19

We figure the weekend might be a time you look around the internet a bit more than usual.  If so, we wanted to share a few recent links we are loving this week…   Even Jay’s sweet grandparents are totally … Continue reading

A Feast for a Roman Holiday

May 18
A Feast for a Roman Holiday

The Wolfs have been known to throw a party or two, and admittedly, we love a good theme.  Every year, we throw an “Endless Reasons to Party” party, celebrating our birthdays (which are 3 weeks apart), as well as “Katherine … Continue reading

Finding the Light

May 16

Isn’t it interesting how we all assume that there is some invisible quota for annoyances, pain, and suffering?  We seem to be in a bit of a season of “when it rains it pours” (see “One of Those Days“).  I … Continue reading

Mother’s Day 2012

May 14

*** I decided to start a new tradition on Hope Heals and write a little essay about motherhood on Mother’s Day every year.  I feel it just wouldn’t be right to publish an essay about this topic without telling you … Continue reading

Casa Colina Video

May 11
Casa Colina Video

As I referenced in the posts about the Casa Colina “Tribute to Courage” event, one of the most special parts of the night was that Casa Colina produced a video about my story, compiling tons of video footage, pictures, and … Continue reading

It All Comes Around

May 09

Particularly since my stroke, I can think of countless instances where different areas in my life have beautifully intersected and circumstances have come full circle in a way that can only be called providential.  I call it “God winking” at … Continue reading

A Prayer Need

May 08

I do NOT normally do this (because there are simply WAY too many sweet people who contact me with information about their loved ones in need), but this is the brother of a dear friend, Lacey, who lived in LA … Continue reading

Still Recovering

May 07

It’s been about a week and a half since my vocal cord surgery.  I don’t want to make anyone gag by going into too much detail; however, I feel like I owe it to all the people who were praying … Continue reading

Casa Colina’s “Tribute to Courage” Part 2

May 03

This event was planned and executed as well as anything I’ve ever seen.  The venue, food, band, and speaker were all phenomenal.  Casa Colina even created a deeply moving video of our lives and my recovery, which they compiled over … Continue reading

Casa Colina’s “Tribute to Courage” Part 1

May 02

Jay and I were honored at Casa Colina’s “Tribute to Courage” in late February (as we referenced in “Our Big Night“).  This honor is bestowed on a former patient of Casa Colina’s neuro-rehabilitation program whose recovery exemplifies all that Casa … Continue reading

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