Hope Heals is us; it’s our story.  It was never a story we would have chosen to write, but nonetheless, it is ours, and we feel compelled to share it.  Even though we have expanded the ways in which we communicate that story, our basic message remains the same…amidst life’s most difficult circumstances, hope heals your soul, and our hope is found in Jesus Christ.

A New Season

We are at a transitional stage in our lives.  The “survival mode” has passed, but the future is still extremely uncertain.  Nevertheless, we feel encouraged to take this platform that we have been given and use it to the best of our abilities, whatever that might look like.


We are currently pursuing various platforms to communicate our story to a larger and more diverse audience, while also making it more self-sustaining.  It is a step of faith, like everything in life, I suppose, but we are considering putting more of our full-time efforts into formalizing the ministry, growing our audience, and expanding the format.

We don’t know the exact form our ministry might take, and like most things, it will likely evolve over time.  Regardless of what the specifics look like, we will always seek to be “missionaries of hope”.

Your Support

We are moving forward in faith, and thus we humbly ask for your help as we do this.


First of all, we would love your prayers for direction, wisdom, protection, and provision as we move down this path.


Secondly, we would love your ideas on creative partnerships, including speaking engagements, writing, and other ways of communicating our story of hope.


Thirdly, if you feel so compelled, we humbly invite your financial support.
The Lord has been so faithful in caring for us as we still deal with a surprising amount of needs directly stemming from the stroke.  Hope Heals is not currently a 501(c)(3) non-profit (though we are formalizing that in the coming months), but at this time, we work with a 501(c)(3) called Helping Hands which provides donors with a TAX DEDUCTION while passing on funds to special, approved projects, like ours, particularly for ongoing medical expenses and living necessities.


You can make an on-line TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation here (scroll down, Project CategoryMedical ProjectsProjectWolf, Katherine — with a “K”, not “C”) or download a donation form here and mail it in.  Email Dawn LLanas for more information.


Alternately, NON-TAX DEDUCTIBLE donations can be made out to “Jay Wolf” or “Katherine Wolf” and sent to the P. O. Box listed on the “Contact” page or made via Paypal to  Meeting some of these basic needs helps free us up to focus ourselves on our ministry efforts more fully.

Thank you for sharing in what the Lord has done in our lives and what He is doing.  We are so grateful to get to experience beauty from ashes, redemption from suffering.  We hope you will continue to join us on our journey of healing, and in so doing, experience some healing of your own.

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