A Night at the Museum

Sep 07

Living in Los Angeles affords us many incredible opportunities and experiences–which is one reason we love living here.  LACMA (the Los Angeles County Museum of Art) is among those.  They have an event every Friday night called Jazz at LACMA where you can sit with a picnic on the grassy grounds surrounding the museum’s entrance and listen to live music and then go in to the museum (FOR FREE!!!)

At this point, we have lived in LA for about 6 1/2 years, which I cannot believe.  Needless to say, we have followed my husband’s ideology of “packing it all in” for years now, but still, there are quite a few things that we have never made the effort to do.  Going to LACMA was on that list.  Even as our friends threw out the idea, kind of last minute on Friday morning, we came up with lots of reasons why it wouldn’t work (we needed to get some stuff done around the house; James refused to take a nap and was already acting like a wild man; Friday traffic in LA is horrible; there may not be easy wheelchair access, etc. etc.), but then about half an hour before the show was to start, a little light bulb clicked–we have never had the chance to do this before and we may never have the chance to do it again, so what are we waiting for???

We gathered ourselves and whatever snacks we had lying around and hit the road.  It’s literally taken several years to grasp the notion that we move much more slowly than we did pre-stroke, and even still, we are late most places, but better late than never, we say!  After folding the wheelchair in and out of the car, looking up and down for a decently close parking spot, and negotiating with James about riding versus walking, then walking versus riding in the wheelchair, we finally made it to our destination.  Dusk was approaching as we rounded the corner on this sprawling, spectacular spot.  We enjoyed some fellowship with dear friends as our kids played around the beautiful grounds, all to the soundtrack of a lively jazz band.  The California evening air was quite cool that night and as I looked up at the palm trees above, I knew that the extra effort was worth it; we had made the right decision.

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