Big Giveaway!

Mar 22

No, not that kind of giveaway (though, who knows, maybe one day I’ll indulge my readers with such a thing)!  What I meant is that I would love for YOU ALL to give away a little of the abundance you have been given to help some folks who have so little.  Yes, I did say the abundance.  If you are reading this, then you have access to a computer, and you are very, very blessed.


Earlier this year, I linked up with lots of other people on the Adventure Project to raise money for a “Stoves For Haiti” project–330 stoves to celebrate Jody’s 33rd birthday.  I set a goal to raise $1,000, and you beautiful people ended up raising $1,440, which bought 72 stoves!!  Thanks so much for joining in the fun.  Isn’t it so good to give?!



This time around, the Adventure Project is focusing on water, specifically the broken water wells in India which deprive millions of people clean drinking water.  1/3 of all wells drilled in India in the past 20 years are now broken.  This project will empower Indian mechanics to repair and learn maintenance on these wells.  It is so important to not just give a man a fish but to teach him how to fish, as well.


{Click here for my project page!}


1 Mechanic = maintaining 50 wells = clean water for 5,000 people.



$550 will provide training classes, tools and parts, and a 1-year stipend to help an entrepreneurial mechanic-to-be start their business.  I doubled this, so my goal is $1,100.  It’s so amazing to think that for that relatively small sum, we are literally empowering two people to change their lives and give thousands of people around them desperately-needed clean water.  We can do it!


Even better, ONLY TODAY, THURSDAY, MARCH 22, which is World Water Day, ALL DONATIONS WILL BE MATCHED, so if you have any inkling to give to this project, please try and give today to maximize your gift!


If you are reading this after 3/22, you can still donate!  This project will continue until 4/15/12.  Thanks again for joining me on this fabulous adventure of giving.  We are blessed to be able to do it!  Thanks everyone!


I love knowing where you all are from.  So, if you donate money, will you write your location on the comment part?  Thanks!

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