Details for Seasons

Jun 23

SEASONS WEEKEND details, as promised…

{read these previous posts for more Seasons Weekend info, here and here}


It is our joy to invite you to be a part of this refreshing weekend experience — make it a mini-summer vacation, marriage retreat, or creative inspiration.


We will be sharing our story throughout the weekend, as well as our insights on hope, memory, changing your brain, suffering, and celebrating…in every season of life.  We will also be leading a break-out session on marriage, “Marriage Through the Seasons”, with some hard-earned lessons we have learned in that area.


 Side note, I am particularly thrilled to get to be with Nichole Nordeman, a super-talented Christian singer-songwriter, who unwittingly played a huge role in two milestone moments for me.  I used her song “Seasons” (you will hear this one live if you come!) for rush, when I was the Rush Chair for my sorority in college, and I pretty much built our entire women’s retreat around the theme of her song “Legacy” when I headed our Bel Air Pres Women’s Retreat years ago.  I am so excited to get to know her.  She is even going to lead a song-writing break-out session, which I want to go to even though I don’t sing!


Just to clarify, this event is for “all those who thirst”male, female, young, old, believer, or seeker.  As marriage ministry has long been on our hearts, we would particularly love to have some of our married couple friends enjoy this weekend together with us.


We know this is very short notice, but we would love for you to come to this first event in Los Angeles, July 13, 14, and 15 at the Hyatt in Century City, but there will be three more events over the next year, each one in a different season and in a different location.  Also, we hope to be taking Seasons deeper South in the future…stay tuned for that.


For all of our friends reading this, please enjoy the following “Katherine & Jay Wolf” deal (enter code “KJWDEAL” in the discount code box when you purchase):


Buy 1, Get 1 HALF OFF


Also, please note if you live in one of the cities, like Los Angeles, feel free to NOT stay at the hotel.  Ideally, attendees would stay at the hotel to make a concerted break from the day-to-day goings on at home, in order to focus in on this experience, but by all means, if the cost or logistics of staying at the hotel do not work for you, don’t let that stop you from coming!


Thank you so much for your prayers for us over these many years.  And thank you in advance for celebrating this new season with us.



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