Family Tree

Oct 04

After the family wedding with Jay’s side, we were able to spend some time with my family in Georgia.  Just a couple of days before the leg break, we drove up to the mountains of North Carolina where my Dad’s family has long-owned a fabulously rustic little home atop a mountain peak called “Caesar’s Head” (so-named for a rock outcropping that looks like, well, Caesar’s head).

Though it was short, it a was an extremely rich and precious time, particularly to see four generations of my family gathered together in this place that holds so many memories.  It was a mini-family reunion of sorts, with members gathering from Connecticut, Virginia, and my grandparents, whom I don’t see very often, even driving up from Florida.  What a lovely and carefree experience, laughing and eating and just doing what families do, living moments of life together.  The vantage point of the second story porch made it all the more picturesque, and being surrounded by all those mountain trees pronounced the wonderful picture of my family tree all the more.

We even got to attend church together that Sunday morning at the local chapel, which is woodsy and beautiful–the building has a roof but no walls!  Worshipping together with extended family is one of the sweetest experiences to be shared.  The restful day was only accentuated by an afternoon rain that we all lazily enjoyed from our dry perches on the porch.  Nothing like dozing to the sound of rain falling on the trees.

Family certainly can be defined many ways, but the gift of a relationship with your blood-related family cannot be underestimated.  Seeing my son sit in the same grandfather’s lap that I sat in when I was a child was a sight not to be taken lightly (and not to be endured without Kleenex, I might add).  It was a picture I may have never seen had I broken my leg the day before this mountain trip, instead of the day after. I am so grateful to God to have had those moments.

This visit to the mountains was such a great reminder that the deep love of family takes so little effort to rekindle.  Though time and distance may separate, that golden thread will always join us together.

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